Episode 60: In this special “on the road” Bozeman, Montana centric episode of the Portland Culinary Podcast our Host Steven Shomler visits with Robin Béquet the Founder of Béquet Gourmet Caramels.



“Rich buttery sweetness enveloped me upon entering Béquet Confections. I felt as though I was embraced by a good friend, in a place of joy and comfort. I was reminded of the sensations evoked by aromas of Thanksgiving dinner cooking and baking bread.” Listen to the interview by Stella Fong in Flavors Under the Big Sky: Sweet Success at Béquet Confections



Can Do: The Sweet Life: Robin Béquet’s goal, “To make the best caramel anyone’s ever had. Period.” After 17 years and five recipe upgrades, she just might have achieved her goal. Béquet Confections, manufactured in Bozeman, Montana, has won a clutch of national awards. You can find their Chewy, Chocolate, Chipotle or Celtic Sea Salt caramels on the shelves of over 1,000 gourmet stores.


SEptember 2009 – Food Network

In September 2009, Béquet Confections was featured on the Food Network TV show “Road Tasted with the Neelys”. Pat and Gina Neely traveled to Big Sky Country to sample Celtic Sea Salt® Caramel at Béquet Confections. Just one taste of the salty delicacy and you understand why Celtic Sea Salt® Caramel was featured on “Road Tasted with The Neelys.” Watch Béquet Confections create their award-winning Celtic Sea Salt Caramel on the Montana: Big Taste in Sky Country episode of the show “Road Tasted With The Neelys.”


“Robin Bequet creates caramel in unexpected flavors such as… chocolate… and even chipotle. The ones infused with Celtic Sea Salt® are the perfect marriage of savory and sweet.”

September 2009 – Hot selling items

“We merchandise hot-selling items mostly near the registers, but we’ll feature them at certain times of the year on end-cap thematic displays. One of these products is Béquet Celtic Sea Salt® Caramel.”

February 2010 – Ski Magazine

“Lauded for her creamy homemade caramel, Robin Bequet followed her stomach after a 25-year career in technology sales tanked. Today, Béquet Confections has garnered acclaim for its rich caramel flavors including Celtic Sea Salt®, Chipotle, and Pomegranate.”

May 2009 – The Oregonian

“He found the Holy Grail. So, of course, it had to be Harrison Ford, in Portland to shoot a movie, who led us to the melt-in-your-mouth salted caramel from Béquet, buttery bite-sized treats wrapped in cellophane and sold at Cacao in The Heathman. And now that we’ve experienced their smoothness, the crunchy nuggets of Celtic Sea Salt® hidden within, that long aftertaste, we feel we owe him a personal thanks. Just sayin’.”

May 2008 – Fancy Food & Culinary Products

“Béquet finds inspiration from her caramel flavors everywhere. Celtic Sea Salt® Caramel was created from customer requests and, at first skeptical of the combination of sweet caramel and sea salt, once Béquet tasted the pairing, ‘there was no turning back’.”

October 2005 – Chocolatier Magazine

“Few sweets are more soul-satisfying than all-natural, freshly made caramel, particularly from Béquet Gourmet Caramel. The Montana-based artisan company only makes caramel; indeed, it’s the owner’s passion.”

December 2005 – Food & Wine

“Superlative caramel made in Bozeman, Montana, Béquet Gourmet Caramel comes in a version that’s meltingly soft and another that’s chewy and buttery.”

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