Our mission: to make the best caramel anyone has ever tasted.

There’s more to us than just caramel…

Our Caramel

The quality of our caramel means everything to us. We start with the best quality ingredients. We entrust them to our amazing staff. They are amazing because they care about upholding very high standards and continuously inspect our caramel at every stage of production. Everyone that works here is a member of our quality team. We hand-inspect each piece of caramel to confirm that it meets the highest standards. You have high expectations of our caramel, and we wouldn’t have it any other way!

Our Customers

Our jobs are courtesy of our customers. We work hard every day to exceed their expectations, and deliver the best caramel anyone has ever tasted…

Our Crew

We believe that nothing can be done alone. Teamwork is evident in everything we do. Our employees rotate through many tasks each day, minimizing injury, and keeping work fun and interesting. We are very family oriented and our staff is welcome to take up to 5 weeks off each year. In addition, we have flexible schedules, a team efficiency bonus, a 4% 401k match, and a 5% annual profit share.

Our Community

Without the support of Bozeman and the Gallatin Valley in our early days, we would not be where we are today. We value our community immensely and continue to support hundreds of local and regional organizations. We donate 10% of our profits each year to causes nearest to our hearts, most right here in Bozeman. We are fortunate to live in such a great community and are always pleased to give back.

Our Commitment to the Environment

Nestled between the mountains in Bozeman, we really enjoy what nature has to offer and take our responsibility to the environment seriously. We work hard to minimize our footprint. We reuse everything imaginable and recycle everything in sight. Our packaging is minimal, by design. Our building was thoughtfully designed to utilize our cool mountain air and make the best use of all our natural resources.

Our Care

We believe in making our product accessible. Mindful of your concerns, our caramel is made in a facility that does not process soy or nuts of any kind. We strive to keep allergens in the facility to a minimum. Our caramel is also certified Kosher and gluten-free.

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