13 Great Varieties…

to Satisfy the Most Discriminating Palate


A vanilla butter caramel, this traditional soft, buttery, melt-in-your-mouth treat is a soul-satisfying, comfort food.

Our Soft Caramel is being re-branded as our Classic Caramel!


This vanilla butter-rich traditional caramel, cooked a bit firmer. This bite size piece lasts longer in your mouth.


Soft dark chocolate decadence with distinct butter caramel overtones, this treat is a chocolate lover’s paradise.


Silky caramel with rich vanilla essence, infused with smoky chipotle and a satisfying kick from the light heat of jalapeño.

Celtic Sea Salt®

This vanilla butter caramel has a subtle Celtic Sea Salt® finish that entices the tongue and accentuates the buttery flavor.


This delicious butter caramel has a rich, robust espresso accent – it’s a caramel latte in a bite sized treat.


A soft, dark chocolate caramel with a subtle Celtic Sea Salt® finish, brings three incredible tastes together in an amazing treat.


A blend of two classic flavors, this butter caramel evokes memories of warm kitchens filled with enticing aromas.

Green Apple

A combination of crisp, green apple flavor with our soft, silky vanilla butter caramel for a delightfully sweet taste.

Cinnamon Swirl

Ground cinnamon enriches our vanilla caramel for a heart- warming aroma reminiscent of an old fashioned bakery.

Salted Mocha

A symphony of flavors, this buttery treat is one layer salt chocolate and one layer espresso caramel.

Salted Butterscotch

This butter caramel blends the sweet nostalgic flavor of butterscotch with the sophisticated bite of Celtic Sea Salt®.


A blend of traditional, soft butter caramel with the cool sensation of mint for a smooth, refreshing treat.

Award-Winning Gourmet Caramel

Specialty Food Association sofi™ Award Winner Specialty Food Association sofi™ Award Finalist
Gourmet Product Award Winner  
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