Robin Béquet, founder of Béquet Confections

Growing sales encouraged Robin to invest further. A second job and another mortgage on her family’s home enabled a professional photoshoot, product brochure, and the opportunity to attend the Fancy Food Show in New York where 25,000 potential buyers viewed her booth. “People would take a sample, walk a few steps, bite into the caramel, then come right back.” Even the judges singled out Béquet Caramel with their “Aisle-by-Aisle” award, placing it among the 17 best products of the show.

Since then, Béquet Caramel has won 6 additional national awards. Today, more than 1,000 gourmet stores across the nation carry many varieties of Béquet Caramel. Plans to expand the current 11,000 square foot factory to 20,000 square feet and increase packaging options are under way. Still, each batch of caramel is made under the watchful eye of a master confectioner using only pure ingredients, hand-inspected, and delivering the most exquisite flavor.

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